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Every great traveler wants to travel in style, comfort, and convenience and Global Professional Services® has all it takes to make that happen, all you need do is to give us a call. We have what it takes to facilitate smooth travel no matter how you choose to do it, you may want to go for a custom group tour, theme cruise events, business travel, or even personal vacation planning. Whatever your reason for traveling is, we got you covered; we get all the necessary travel documents ready as quickly as possible, all you need do is to sit back and enjoy the process. We are fully aware of the problems business people encounter while planning their travels, we are also aware of the difficulties they encounter while trying to engage in import and export activities. With this in mind, we have created a special package targeted to make the activities of these set of travelers easy by making the right reservation, transportation, and any other necessities needed while they are away. Our team of professionals are tasked with the job of analyzing the most recent travel rules applicable in each country, minimize the extent of paperwork, and weeding out unnecessary travel costs.

Why do you Want to Travel

Different people travel for different reasons, some wish to travel for academic purposes while others travel for Performance tours for choir and orchestra, theme cruise production, Travel management for corporate clients, Event management, Religious pilgrimages, and Personal vacation planning. We know the business of traveling like nobody else, we are committed to getting you lodged into the best hotels at a moderate cost no matter the country you choose to travel to.

We are Always There

We cannot be satisfied with our selves until we have safely transported you in and out of your  destination. We are also aware of some inconveniences associated with traveling like delay in flight schedule, inconvenient reservation, e.t.c. This is why we have deemed it fit to guide you through every process that involves traveling; to us, your safety is still one of our top priorities. This is so because we are Global Professional Services and that is what we do – we serve.

Our Staffs

We have one of the best staffs in the travel Service industry, our staffs are trained and retrained to get acquainted with the industry’s travel best practices. We get them to work alongside the company’s vision of putting the customers first through a safe, convenient, and affordable travel experience. Our customer service section is always there to provide you with a timely response to virtually any information or complaint.

Our Methodology

What makes us stand out is not just the service we deliver but how it is delivered. We have the fastest travel process in the world, we process every travel documents quicker than our counterparts, a true evidence of our efficiency. We are reliable: a reputation we have acquired through our age-long honest service in the travel industry and also more reason to give us a try.

Travel And Tours

Global Professional Services, Inc. provide a huge range of destinations to explore the world. Our tours and services provides corporate tours, event management, hotel reservations, air ticketing, historical tours and so on which you want to explore. We also provide you assistance during whole tour and accommodate you documentary and filmmaking as well.

Travel and Tours Services
Visa Application

Visa Application Assistance

Need to apply for a visa? We have got you covered. Are you frustrated in visa process and looking for handle someone for you. GPS team is here to provide complete assistance in visa application. Our agent guide you completely what documents required you need to submit. All documents must be scanned and certified and maybe certified translate documents as well. Our agent provide you translation services as well. Visa requirement can change anytime so it is compulsory you must be download the latest visa application form for official website. Our team provide you hassle free and up to date latest visa requirements.

Find A Travel Agent

No matter where in the world you want to go, we can help you. Our experienced agents will take the time to answer your questions and listen to your ideas, before making expert recommendations that fit your budget. We believe extraordinary vacations begin with careful planning, that’s why we are devoted to ensuring our clients always have the best possible experience—both before they leave and while they’re away.

Travel Agent

Why Choose GPS, Inc.

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Flexible Pricing

Our focus on to provide affordable tours to explore the maximum destinations.


On Demand

Provide huge range of destinations with on demand departures.


24/7 Service

We provide assistance to our travelers anytime, anywhere feel free to ask.


Guaranteed Departures

Every single departure is our 100% guaranteed.


No Single Supplement

Cover every single person who want to explore the world.


Diverse Transport

Provide pick and drop transport.



We care our travelers and provide flexible accommodation in every destination.


Flexible and Independence

No matter what you want to explore you are independent and can go café, cinemas a lot more.

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Become Our Travel Partner

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Travel Services

Benefits Of VORTEXTM

  • Customers can save money 85% – 90%
  • Book groups and other off line travel
  • Vacation vault includes Rewards Credits on personal & customer purchases