Financial Services

Global Professional Services Inc. offers the most professional financial services to businesses, ranging from investment, retail, tax preparation, theft protection, audit protection, bookkeeping, and payroll. As per the heightened pressure and risk in the business world, we have taken advantage of this change in the industry to bring about stability, security, and accountability in the business world. We have made our term of professionals readily available and equipped with the most recent financial service tools to tackle the challenges affecting modern businesses. We have a term of experts that has what it takes to handle challenges affecting financial industries like consumer/ retail banking, commercial banking, mortgage banking, wholesale banking, capital markets, asset management, and insurance. You must note that no organization can run effectively without accurate, and relevant financial services which you can always get here at Global Professional Services Inc.

We are Visionary

We have a full understanding of the global payment system even as it evolves into a safer-but-complicated system. We have anticipated that soon, these changes in the financial system can result to a major transformation in a way that will affect products, services, and operations. On a second note, companies can as well decide to partner with us, that way we can derive new ways to help our clients find new ways to solve their finance-related problems. We do not just do business, we work with purpose, we but our clients first.

We Understand the Industry Better

We understand that financial services in any country has three common components, first is:

  • The financial enterprises
  • Financial Market
  • The payment system

The synergy of these three components creates investment opportunity in the business world hence improves any organization or country’s earnings. We also know that the banking industry in most countries has the largest number of depositors, and the market share of other sectors like insurance companies and the post office system of saving is on the increase. We understand that the global financial sector experienced a major change in the last 10 years, and this activity can easily be attributed to an increase in what is known as “the shadow system of banking”, private equity, and hedge funds. Here in Global Professional Services Inc. we understand the financial industry more than anybody else, an attribute that can be seen our method of operation.

Tax Preparation

Fulfilling your tax obligation is your civic responsibly and an important source of any government income generation method. At Global Professional Services Inc. we understand the importance of this sector which is why we have made sure that every formality and rules guiding the tax sector is duly followed in achieving common result. We have our team of tax experts with years of experience who are always there to analyze, guide, and recommend the best advice as far as tax system is concern. But you do not need to go far to achieve this because here in Global Professional Services Inc. our experts are always ready to serve.

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Tax Preparation


Individual & Small Business Tax Preparation

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Identity Theft Protection


ID Theft Protection, Monitoring Services, Recovery Services

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Audit Protection


Audit Maintenance Pro – Audit Protection

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Bookkeeping Services


Management of financial records on daily basis monitoring.

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Payroll Services


Information of Employee, Hours Worked, Time Off & Salaries

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