Virtually everybody loves coffee. The smooth taste and refreshing feeling people get after a cup of the magical drink makes it a favorite of many. To meet the increasing demands of coffee, its production has increased all over the world. In 2020, over 70 countries and over 4 continents are actively involved in the production of coffee. However, a category of coffee that really stands out and is unique in taste and essentials is the African coffee. Although Africa accounts for about 13% of the world’s coffee production, (mostly from Ethiopia and Tanzania) its bean is highly sought after because of the quality and little processing used in making it into good coffee. This is no surprise why several African brands are included in the list of the best coffees in the world. Here are reasons why you should start drinking African coffee.

African coffee like the Kenyan AA coffee and Burundi coffee comes with tasty notes and several coffee flavors that will get you asking for more. These notes include wine, spices, nuts, chocolate and citrus fruits. Several African coffee brands produce their coffee with more than three flavors in a single product which makes them really stand out from their peers. These sweet tasting flavors are gotten from the natural processing the coffee fruit is subjected through before production.

African Coffee

If you love having that sense of heaviness and thickness when you have the coffee in your mouth then African coffee is your best bet, because they are produced with a full and smooth body. They are so thick and come with a nice texture that adds to the richness of African coffee. The careful process African coffee companies use in extracting the coffee beans’ oils and organic acids in the brewing process accounts for the richness of their coffee.

A good coffee should not only have nice flavors but also smell good! The sweet-smelling aroma you get from African coffee is simply unbeatable especially when it is freshly brewed. African coffee will give you a rich satisfying aroma that will surely make you happy through the day. The aromatic effect of African coffee is gotten from the compounds in their coffee beans which smells nicely when roasted.

A main feature of African coffee is bright wine-toned acidity. African coffee come in different bright flavors that is unique from the coffee’s taste and will give your taste buds a kick while taking them. The flavor can be fruity or nutty depending on the African coffee brand you purchase. Ethiopian coffee as a result of its predominant blueberry flavour is specially known for its high brightness. An exciting moment is no doubt guaranteed when you drink African coffee.

Lastly African coffee along with its health benefits to the body is simply sweet. Almost all African coffee brands come with a natural honey-toned sweetness that will make you enjoy taking coffee.  You may not need to add any sweetener to African coffee before you achieve that brown sugar taste. This sweet sensation is achieved through the coffee beans unique to African soil and the honey processing used by African coffee brands in the production of their coffee.

The positive reviews trailing African coffee is not just hype, it is real and obtainable. Try yours today.