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    We can provide you with the full spectrum of financial services like tax preparation, theft protection, audit protection, bookkeeping, payroll and much more.

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    Enhance Your Digital Presence With Us

    Our in-house team of IT & Marketing specialists will get to work in helping you reach your goals

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    Corporate & Private Travel, Tours & Cruises

    Enjoy a professional concierge service to book your travel experiences and build memories that last a lifetime.

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    Form Your Business Today Stay compliant in all 50 states Incorporation, LLC Filings & Corporate Compliance Across The USA

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    Are you frustrated in buying and selling the products? Want to buy products from internationally. We are here for you.

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Global Professional Services, Inc. we make it easy for you to make your payments online.


Welcome To Global Professional Services & Tax Consultation.


Our aim is to help you build a process and a business system that enables you to systematically reach higher and higher goals. It’s not always about how much money you make, but the systems you have in place that facilitate continued growth.

Global Professional Services, Inc. was built on a foundation of excellence. Our vision as a global firm takes us down a path where we advocate for the benefits of a lean and agile business philosophy. By showing businesses how to constantly pivot and adapt to the changing marketplace, we serve as your partner rather than a service provider.

GPS Company Presentation

Our Mission

As a company, we aim to serve our clients with world-class services that propel you to the next level. By serving as a one-stop shop for everything from financial services to staffing services, you can enjoy the many benefits that come along with having a partner rather than a service provider.

Core Values

Our core values keep us committed to excellence. Everything we do at GPS is done with a focus on integrity, professionalism, accountability, diligence and innovation. By focusing on those specific values, we are able to deliver world-class results for our clients.


Take an at a glance look at the industries we serve below.

Finance Services


Tax Preparation, Audit Protection,
Theft Protection

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IT Services


Mobile Apps, Websites Design
Digital Marketing

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Business Formation Services
Compliant Business Today

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Travel Services


Tours & Vacations, Discount
Travel Booking

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Staffing Services


Quality & Safe Workforce &
Quality & Strategic Services

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General Commerce


Vehicles, Automobiles, Spare Parts, National and International Trade.

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Import Export


Provide facilities to shippers in difficult process of import and export goods.

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Let Us Show You The Way

Whether you need professional financial services, corporate travel services or anything else, we have you covered. Through our process of competitive benchmarking & cost-effective strategies, you can begin gaining a competitive edge in your industry today.


View our collection of trade resources, industry news & trends all in one convenient location.

Contact Us
Contact Us
  • 125 Pine St. Lewiston, ME 04240 USA
  • P.O. BOX 413 Lewiston, ME 04243-0413
  • +1 800 344 1226
  • contact@globalprofessionalsvs.com
  • Mon – Fri 09:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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